About Us

Swaasthya Wellness was founded in 2012 by Manisha with a mission to heal our community with preventive health care. After 8 years of operating a wellness center in Whitefield, Bangalore, we've transitioned towards offering Ayurveda tele-health services. 

Given the stark divide between the Ayurveda practiced at home versus wellness centers, Swaasthya's goal is to connect the two with the support of certified doctors. All our services are personalized and customized by Ayurveda doctors, who select and choose the program based on each individual patients' specific needs. 

The programs facilitated by Swaasthya typically ranges from 7-14 days and combines diet, lifestyle and some 3rd party products as prescribed by the Ayurveda doctor. 


box provided by Swaasthya only contains products that are manufactured by top Ayurveda pharmaceutical companies to ensure safety and effectiveness for our clients.

The programs only cover non-invasive, non-chronic health objectives covered under wellness. This includes indigestion, mild acidity, constipation, low appetite and more.