Women health

Women health is the most neglected part in our society.  Female being an important part of our life has to start taking care of their body at all stages of life.  Today, females have a habit of ignoring themselves and everything is a priority but themselves.  Various stages that women should very take care of themselves are as under:


  1. Pre menses
  2. PMS
  3. Pre conception
  4. Infertility
  5. Post delivery
  6. General Wellness
  7. Menopausal symptoms
  8. Bone care
  9. Hidden stress
  10. Skin care


Ayurvedic Treatments for Women Health:

Women and men share many similar health problems, but women have their own health issues, which deserve special consideration. Women not only have  problems like stress, addictions, depression, but also need  good nutrition, mental health, and exercise.

Ayurveda divides women into three categories according to age, taruni(upto32), adhiroodha(upto 50), and vruddha(above 50). In taruni stage women have more kapha and pitta dosha, during adhiroodha stage pitta will be more, and in vruddha stage vata will be more, so symptoms like stress, increased body heat, burning sensation may happen in adhirooda stages and during vruddha avastha depletion or damage of body tiisues may occur due to increase in vata. Lot of hormonal changes(dhatu agni) can occur in these stages, so proper care is needed for women in each stage of life.

Having started off as an a center exclusively for women, Swaasthya specializes in Ayurvedic treatments specific to women of all ages that yield resounding benefits. Below are the packages we offer

  • Kumari (Head care): Provides mental relaxation, increases brain circulation and nourishes hair roots
  • Soundarya (face and feet care): Results in soft, supple and nourished skin for face and feet
  • Ojasvini (mind and body care): Relaxes mind and leaves body flexible, pain free and nourished



Packages for women Wellness