Weight management fitness

Weight Management is something we all struggle.  Fitness could mean different for each individual.  Weight gain is a medical condition that needs attention.  Unhealthy eating habits, eating disorders, high intake of calorie rich food, inactive lifestyle, family history or illness increases risk of obese.  Obesity is not only a cosmetic/physical concern, it is a serious condition associated with several conditions eg. Blood pressure, bone issues, back pain.  Obesity status is determined on the basis on BMI (Body Mass Index).

In today’s world, being slim is a status for fitness and it adds lots of stress and peer pressure to many individuals.  This pressure sometimes is very hard to handle and mange thereby adding hidden stress.

At Swaasthya Wellness we manage weight through Ayurvedic treatments. There is no quick solution to weight management. Swaasthya uses multidirectional approach to help individuals manage weight.  After careful analysis of your body, we use diet, lifestyle, Ayurvedic treatments and counselling to help you loose inches.

What to expect when you visit Swaasthya for weight management??

The first and foremost step is to register yourself followed by an Ayurvedic doctor consultation.

Consultations at Swaasthya Wellness are unique and thorough. Consultant doctors will also be asking your diet and lifestyle to fully understand your issue. The consultation could last for 20-30 minutes.

We believe that an individual should have enough time with consultant doctor to clarify their doubts and
understand the prescribed medicines and treatments.

Which Ayurvedic treatments can be prescribed for weight management??
At Swaasthya customized treatments are prescribed because every individual is different. The weight management depends on individual’s body and their prakrithi, lifestyle and food habits. Some of the common Ayurvedic treatments offered for weight management are Udwartanam, Veirachana, Basti, Pizihil and Churna Patra Pinda Sweda.

How are Ayurvedic Treatments/therapies different at Swaasthya Wellness?
We at Swaasthya understand your weight issue. We are a result oriented company. We believe in Overall wellness of a person. We provide you tips and solutions for diet, lifestyle, positivity, physical exercise and therapies. During treatments, our doctors take utmost care to make sure your treatment is successful. Our therapists are trained and experienced to conduct all the treatments to the best of their knowledge.  Swaasthya Wellness is also known for its hygiene and
cleanliness during the therapies and treatments.


Ayurvedic treatments for Weight loss

1. Detoxification– Veirecana is a part of Panchakarma treatment.  With this treatment, we bring body back to balance, thereby removing all the toxins from the body, increasing metabolism and first step to weight loss.

2. Udwartanam– Udwartanam is  a treatment where we use Herbal powders on your skin with pressure in the opposite direction resulting in removal of excess fat/ stubborn fat.

3. Sneha basti– A type of Enema, used to fix the hormonal functionality.

4. Lekhana Basti– This is also a type of Enema, which has a fat scraping effect.

5. Dhanyaamla Dhara– A very effective treatment for weight managemnt.  During this treatment hot herbal fermented solution is poured over your body resulting in fat melting.

6. CPS: Churna Pinda Sweda is a treatment used to soften a stiff body and stagnant fat stored in epidermis.

For weight management a combination of the above treatments is prescribed by our Ayurvedic doctors.  The oil, churna and constitution of herbal powder may vary dependent on your body type.