Short detox- cleansing

In Ayurveda ‘ama’ (toxins) are the root cause of diseases. Ama can occur due to incompatible food, eating food before the digestion of prior food, indigestion etc, also doshas in our body increases by its own causes in various rtus(season), so ama and the vitiated doshas should be cleansed out from the body in respective seasons by cleansing therapies. One who follows this will never be affected by any ailments associated with seasonal variations.


ï  Improves digestion 

ï  Eliminates ama (toxins) and strengthens tissue functions. 

ï  Balances tridoshas.  

ï  Reduces stress, improves relaxation & tolerance. 

ï  Slows the ageing process. 

ï  Boosts immunity levels. 

ï  Improves strength, endurance and vitality.

The cleansing package offered at Swaasthya is primarily intended to prepare the body for future treatments by increasing the skin’s permeability. By Ayurvedic cleansing your body improves digestions, increases metabolism and cleanses colon. 

Duration: 5 days

Detox package includes:

  1. Pre detox consultation
  2. Medications for first 3 days
  3. Ghee for general detox with pre-determined dosages and instructions
  4. 1 Abhyangam- 60 min full body massage only
  5. 30 min oil application and steaming only
  6. Purgative- supplied with instructions (2 time telephony consultation with your preferred doctor)
  7. Diet chart during detox
  8. Do and don’t during detox
  9. After detox consultation

(recommended once every 6 months)