Pain management

At Swaasthya Wellness we manage pain through Ayurvedic treatments. Curing pain is very tricky and depends upon various aspects. Pain could be due to various reasons. Age of pain could defer as well.

We at Swaasthya Wellness follow certain protocols in curing pain of an individual. We call it pain management because the pain is managed externally and will take multiple sittings.  At Swaasthya Wellness we use a multi-directional approach to manage the pain. The pain could be migraine, joint pain, sciatic pain, knee pain, menstrual pain, spine pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, foot pain, ankle pain and many more.

What to expect when you visit Swaasthya in pain??

When you visit Swaasthya and you are looking for a cure for pain. The first and foremost step is to register yourself followed by an Ayurvedic doctor consultation.

Consultations at Swaasthya Wellness are unique and thorough. Consultant doctors will also be asking your diet and lifestyle to fully understand your issue. The consultation could last for 20-30 minutes.

We believe that an individual in pain should have enough time with consultant doctor to clarify their doubts and understand the prescribed medicines and treatments.

Which Ayurvedic treatments can be prescribed when in pain??
At Swaasthya customized treatments are prescribed because every individual is different. The pain depends on the individual’s body and their prakrithi, lifestyle and food habits. Some of the common Ayurvedic treatments offered for pain management are Abhyangam, Nasyam, Basti, Pizihil, Churna Patra Pinda, Patra Pinda, lepas.

How are Ayurvedic Treatments/therapies different at Swaasthya Wellness?
We at Swaasthya understand your pain. We are a result oriented company. We believe in Overall wellness of a person. We provide you tips and solutions for diet, lifestyle, physical exercise ( yoga) and therapies  (panchakarma treatments). During Ayurvedic treatments, our doctors take utmost care to make sure your treatment is successful. Our therapists are trained and experienced to conduct all the treatments to the best of their knowledge.

Swaasthya Wellness is also known for its hygiene and cleanliness during the therapies and treatments.

Ayurvedic Therapies offered for Pain Treatment:

1. Abhyangam: Abhyangam is a full body massage with warm oil. The oil is prescribed by doctor suitable for the ailment. Abhyangam at Swaasthya includes head, face, full body (front and back), steaming and shower. Sometimes the treatment would be customized as directed by our doctor. Abhyangam is a treatment for general maintenance, it improves circulation and overall balances the body.

2. Nasyam: Nasyam is a very interesting treatment. The Treatment includes various steps in lubricating the nerves and sinuses. This treatment is prescribed for above chest issues. The process of the Nasyam treatment remain the same for many ailments but the content changes, the oil changes and the pressure changes as directed by doctor.

3. Basti: Basti is prescribed when there is immense amount of dryness in one’s joint or a part of the body. Through basti the knees are lubricated, the spine is lubricated and the neck is lubricated. The oil used in basti treatment is directed by our doctor and the duration is also suggested my doctor for maximum befetil during your pain management.

4. Lepas: Lepas is a medicated paste that is normally prescribed for pain. The ingredients of lepa is prescribed by our doctor as per the patient’s condition.

5. Kizhis: These treatments have multiple benefits and many ingredients. All the Kizhis are bolus treatments and are filled with various herbs dependent on the need. The doctor prescribes the kizhi treatment as a customized package. Eg. Doctor may prescribe 3 CPS and 7 PPS for a leg pain.

6. Sarvangdhara: Sarvangdhara  (also known as Pizichill) is a normally prescribed for the whole body or a body part. This is a very effective treatment for pain. This treatment can be done with kashya, oil, milk or buttermilk. The condition of pain is observed carefully and the treatment, its frequency, content is customized for everyone.