Men wellness

At Swaasthya we offer a wide range of services designed specifically for men including treatments for shoulder and back relief.  Men wellness packages helps them to prevent and balance their mind and body from everyday wear and tear.  Packages like Chandana are very effective and helpful to rejuvenate after long travel

  • Prashta (Back massage): Relaxes and keeps back healthy
  • Parijata (Head and feet): Relaxes feet and mind
  • Sanjivini (Body care): Rejuvenates body and keeps your weaker body part active
  • Chandnan (Mind and body): Rejuvenates mind and body

In order to keep men healthy in all phases of their lives (bala, youvana, vruddha), proper movement of all joints, proper diet that focuses on your own dosha, proper sleep, stress free mind should be there so that they can balance body and mind. Dosha vitiation may occur in our
body due to various reasons. Sedentary lifestyle increases risk for a wide range of physical and mental health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, muscle stiffness, cardiovascular disease etc… in order to prevent these dosha vitiation we should take care of our body with proper rejuvenation therapies, diet and lifestyle.
 Improves blood circulation
 Reduce stress
 Reduce inflammation and muscle stiffness
 Gives relaxation to mind and body
 Improves sleep

Men Wellness package, contact us for more info