Kids/ Teens Wellness

Our Kid’s Wellness packages are specifically curated for children between the ages of 7 to 12. The treatments are designed to increase circulation, lubricate the body, protect and enhance sensory organs from infections, and support the child’s mental and physical

Includes: total duration for each sitting of 45 minwith the following treatments:

  • Abhyangam (30 min full body massage)
  • Karnapoornam (Ear cleaning – pouring of medicated oil in ear)
  • medha rasanayam(internal medication, to be consumed after Abhyangam)
  • Ahara Charya for kids -Customized Ayurvedic diet chart  ( take home)
  • Ayurvedic De-worming kit (internal medications, once in 3 months) ( take home)

Ayurveda divide life stages into three categories according to the types of changes that occur throughout those stages – Bala (up to 16 yrs), Madhya/youvana (16 – 70 yrs) and Vriddha (beyond 70 yrs). Each stage of life have a dosha predominance and for children(balavastha) kapha is the dominant dosha. Kapha is needed to build growing muscles and bones. Without extra kapha, children would have a very difficult time of growing an adult human body.

Properties of kapha such as heavy, cool, slow, oily, smooth, stable, cloudy which in excess can lead to congestion, cough, frequent cold and excess mucus. We have to expect these conditions in childhood more than at any other time of life.

At Swaasthya we take care of kids health as well as immunity and help them to get rid of these
diseases by ayurvedic therapies as well as advising proper diet and lifestyle.
 Improves digestion
 Calms nervous system and improves concentration
 Lubricates and rejuvenates tissues

Wellness package for kids/teens
Balanced kids/teens- Balanced physically. mentally and emotionally