Eye Treatment

eye2Eye treatments through Ayurveda is very safe and result oriented.  There are many eye treatments that we conduct at Swaasthya.

Eye wellness- Ayurvedic Treatments for Eye

Our eyes filter and absorb an endless stream of visual stimuli day after day. According to ayurveda, eyes are the seat of pitta dosha, and most eye problems result from pitta imbalance. If you have pitta-type eyes (medium in size; either light blue, light gray, light green, or hazel in color; and characterized by an intense luster), your chances for eye irritation and strain are higher than people which have other doshas. And if you are around 40, you are more susceptible to eye problems because alochaka pitta (a subtype of pitta that governs vision) tends to decrease at that time. Stress, anger, anxiety, alcohol, spicy food, pollution, and direct sunlight will also increase your risk for eye irritation. Ayurveda says the mind and vision are intertwined. That’s why meditation and systematic relaxation are the best remedies for eye irritation.

At Swaasthya Wellness we will give proper care to eye through Ayurvedic treatments like external therapies and some internal medications.

What to expect when you visit Swaasthya in eye care:
When you visit Swaasthya and you are looking for eye care. The first and foremost step is to register yourself followed by an Ayurvedic doctor consultation.

Consultations at Swaasthya Wellness are unique and thorough. Consultant doctors will also be asking your diet and lifestyle to fully understand your issue. The consultation could last for 20-30 minutes.

We believe that an individual should have enough time with consultant doctor to clarify their doubts and understand the prescribed medicines and treatments.

During treatments, our doctors take utmost care to make sure your treatment is successful. Our therapists are trained and experienced to conduct all the treatments to the best of their knowledge.

Which Ayurvedic treatments can be prescribed in eye care
At Swaasthya customized treatments are prescribed because every individual is different. Eye diseases can have multiple reasons and therefore we treat the root cause of disease. Some of the common Ayurvedic treatments offered for eye diseases are netra seka, netra tarpana, aschotana, pindi, putapaka etc.

  1. Netra seka: eye treatment in which liquid medicine is poured. The medicine is prescribed by our doctors based on diseases, and is used to reduce pain and redness, watery eyes, removal of foreign body etc.
  2. Aschotana: eye treatment in which the medicine(medicated ghee, decoction etc) is instilled as drops from a particular height and is helpful to reduce dry eye, swelling pricking pain burning sensation etc. These both are effective in defects of tear film, conjunctiva and cornea.
  3. Pindi: in this treatment the paste of herbs is bandaged in the eye. Medicine for bandage is prescribed by our doctors suitable for the ailment. It helps to cure wound or ulcers in eyes.
  4. Netra Tarpana: it is the eye treatment in which the medicine is kept in the eye for a particular period of time and is indicated in dry eye, decrease in vision, eye strain, degenerative conditions.
  5. Putapaka: this is a highly modified treatment for eye and generally done after netra tarpana. It is useful in degenerative conditions of eye, visual defects etc.