Toxins tend to accumulate in our system due to various reasons.  Toxins could be in the air we breathe, water we drink and food we drink.  The accumulations of these toxins causes cell and tissue damage leaving our system prone to major issues.

Occasional stomach issues, fatigue, stress, skin issues, cysts, slow metabolism and disturbed sleep implies the need to detoxify one’s system.

At Swaasthya, we take utmost care in helping you go through your detoxification program.  The program is designed to detoxify you internally and externally.  The program will cleanse your system and reset (calibrate) your internal organs.

The detoxification program comprises of Panchkarma treatments-  The classical Ayurvedic purification procedures like Vireachana (purgation), Abhyanga (Oil massage), Swedana (Steam bath) and Ayurvedic food provided by Swaasthya.


Program Duration:

9 Days: This program is specially designed for young and strong person who have busy schedule

12 Days: A complete program for healthy person

21 Days: Complete and ideal program for people with severe ailments.  Mostly recommended for people with serious issues.

Features of Program:

Ayurvedic doctor consultation/observation

Customized selection of Grithas for your body

The treatments (Virechana, Abhyanga, Swedana) during the program

The churnas and kashayas used for detoxification

Detailed Ayurvedic chart after the program customized for your body needs

Phases of the program:

Detailed lifestyle chart mentioning your  list of do’s and don’t, basic mental constitution and physical fitness including sense organs.

 PHASE 1: Preparing your body

 PHASE 2: Internal lubrication

 PHASE 3: External lubrication

 PHASE 4: Vierachana

 PHASE 5: Getting back to normal