Ayurvedic Consultation at Swaasthya is very unique.  Each consultation lasts for 20-30min or maybe longer dependent on an individual.  Since Ayurvedic consultation is holistic consultation.  This is the time when the practitioner and an individual understands each other and bonds.  An ayurvedic consultation is very interesting since you will understand your body and its elements after consultation.

At Swaasthya, consultation process will access the following:

  • Various aspects of current and past situations
  • Body elements and temperament
  • Attitude
  • Possible ailments
  • Tendency of recurrent sickness
  • Lifestyle 
  • Natural cravings

At Swaasthya, several techniques could be used during consultation:

  • Pulse examination (Nadi Parikshan)
  • Tounge and eye examination
  • Medical and family history
  • Recurrent issues
  • Dhosha disorders
  • Body constitution
  • genetic disorders

At Swaasthya,  we also offer online consultation also to our global customers.  Please fill the following form and we would respond to you ASAP.